What the hell is Twixmas?

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Written by Cordelia Whittaker

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So when I came to Blackpool, a mere twenty something year old I had never heard of Pigeons Fanciers Weekend, Glasgow Fair or indeed Twixmas, all holidays that I am now very familiar with. In fact when a seasoned coach driver asked me why my hotel (on the Queens Promenade then) offered Christmas and New Year packages but not Twixmas the bubble inside my head shouted "What the hell is Twixmas?" and my response to the driver was pretty much the same.

Twixmas, I was told, stood for Betwixmas meaning between Christmas and New Year. Guaranteed a coach full if I decided to offer it my legendary Twixmas House Party was born and when I moved to the Belmont it was not long before I introduced it here. Advertised outside the hotel all year round many a passer-by can be seen puzzling over the "What the hell is Twixmas" conundrum and with the holiday season fast approaching (I know, but don't shoot the messenger) I thought I would give a little insight.

Between Christmas and New Year stretching from the 27th until the 30th of December, Twixmas is the time where it is officially acceptable to stay in your pyjamas or lounge pants for three days straight if you wish and do nothing but binge watch everything you have been meaning to all year and eat strange combinations of food such as chocolate and stuffing balls in one sitting (under the guise of using up the leftovers) and no-one gives a stuff(ing). It’s a time where you can recharge, see friends and family you couldn't get to at Christmas. Generally, it is a time when not much is happening and this is totally acceptable to the turkey-stuffed and hungover population. So why exactly is it called ‘Twixmas’? Well, the word itself actually comes from the old English phrase ‘betwixt’ which means between so it was not really a stretch of the imagination to come up with Be-twixmas which has inevitably been shortened to Twixmas.

As well as quality time alone Twixmas can be spent with friends and family, in the hope of extra presents and for legitimising your 'hair of the dog' post-christmas boozing. Twixmas is also the time to make the most out of the end of year sales and buy next years wrapping paper and cards. Also if you’ve yet to buy the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit, you can pick up some great bargains.

The cynics may suggest that it's a word dreamt up by the holiday industry as a way of packaging up a short break at a traditionally quieter time, but we obviously disagree with this preposterous idea and would encourage anyone to take a look at our great value Twixmas House Party.

When I moved to the Belmont the hotel was open at Twixmas but only as a bridging bed and breakfast break for those staying for the Christmas House Party and also the New Year House Party, which amounted to maybe ten or so. These days there are at least double those numbers that stay for the full 10 days and they are joined by even more Twixmas-ers and this basic holiday is now a half board and entertainment bonanza!

So, rather than sit glued to the television or squabbling over Monopoly and who's turn it is to be banker, why not get away for a few days? Join us here at the Belmont.

"Amazing value. A mini christmas break for me and the family. The entertainment was great and the food tasty and filling. Everyone was so nice and the rooms were lovely and clean with the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. I cannot wait to go again"

- Terry Vestibule, Llandudno

It really does make a lot of sense, and here’s why:

  • For those on compulsory Christmas holiday as the office/businesss has shut down for the holidays you don't need to book time off and use up holiday allowances as you are already on holiday, being off until after New Year.
  • For those that work over Christmas it is a time to recharge the batteries
  • A short break such as Twixmas is a cheaper option than being away over Christmas itself. However, you will still get a lot of the festive trimmings and treats which you would get if you stayed over Christmas.
  • Christmas is all about family but if you can’t all be together actually over Christmas, then why not get away for Twixmas instead? Relax together knowing there will be no fighting over who does the washing up!
  • Spending time with family is wonderful, but very often most of the work is left to the few. If you’re one of the few and by the 27th are ready to drop and are fed up of the cooking and cleaning, then it’s time to recharge your batteries! Take a short break at Twixmas and face the New Year feeling rested and refreshed.

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